GArrett Parker Choreography



Garrett Parker is a NYC dance artist and director of Detox Movement, a recently incorporated dance and film company based in Brooklyn, NY.

Garrett was born in North Carolina and spent much of his childhood in New Delhi, India. Loving sports from a young age, he begun to develop an organized relationship with his body and a curiosity with its mechanics. Over the years Garrett recognized his identity as a dancer and found his calling as a choreographer. Garrett is thankful to have graduated from the University of North Carolina school of the Arts with academic honors and a full merit based scholarship. He believes there is nothing more beautiful or better able to express the subtle layers of an idea, than the human body moving through time and space.

Garrett’s work has been shared at NYC venues including the Laguardia Performing Arts Center, The Baruch Performing Arts Center, the Actors Art Fund, the Davenport Theater, Dixon Place and Arts on Site. Since 2015 Garrett has produced three 90 minute performances, featuring 12 original works with over 50 performers and collaborators. Garrett has created site-specific works commissioned by the Winston-Salem Arts Council (2017) and the Baruch Performing Arts Center as part of the Italian Dance Connection (2018). Garrett has produced numerous dance films for Detox Movement, including 'Vagabond,' which was screened at numerous festival including the American Dance Festival and Bates Dance Festival.




Garrett looks forward to sharing choreography at the International Human Rights Festival November 14th & 18th 2018. He is creating a new work to premier February 24th & 25th 2019 at LPAC as the returning choreographer for The Emerging Choreographers Series 2019. Garrett is also sharing a solo, ‘Room I’ at Mari Meade Dance Companies’ BAND performance series on November 16th, 2018!

‘Passionfruit’ Dance for Film

Choreography Reel